Because of the overwhelming demand I’ve had for these tattoos, there’s going to be some changes to this page and the manner in which I offer available work. Often I would have 4 tattoos available, and receive over 150 requests - that proportion just isn’t sustainable. Large pieces take months and months to complete, and most people who write in are perfectly eligible - there’s just not enough time in the world to tattoo all of you. In the future, I will be offering tattoos here, with very specific placement and aesthetic, but in the meantime, please sign up for my mailing list for the likelyhood of forthcoming availability. 2019 will be the year of flash pieces, smaller work, and trying to get to the most of you I can while my hands still let me.

If you haven’t already, SIGN UP FOR MY MAILING LIST, and get the updates directly to your inbox, instead of by algorithmic luck.

As always, thank you for your undivided attention, patience, and patronage of my work.