Where are you?

Tragically, yes, Butterfat Studios,

I am based in Chicago - primarily at Black Oak in Logan Square, but will occasionally moonlight elsewhere.

How do I make an appointment with you? 

Hi, hello!  Thanks for your interest, but I don't take client-proposed work.  The projects I propose on this site here are the only way to make an appointment with me.  These projects are specific challenges I want to take on, and are ambitious, one of a kind projects.  I don't expect everyone to want every project, and if you don't see something for you, then there will always be more in the future.  You can sign up for my mailing list - we generally give a heads up as to when projects are posted.  

The other way is to follow me on Instagram - often I will post smaller, last-minute pieces available.  However, it is largely up to chance, as they always sell quickly - but there will always be more.  I am not the place to get a quick tattoo.

 Instagram always has the most up-to-date info.  

But wait, I have xx idea, and I want you to do it.

Unfortunately, that's not how I approach my work.  I have many requests and current clients to keep me busy - occasionally I will have open call for submissions, but very rarely.

Do you do cover-ups? Rework old tattoos etc.? 

If the projects have the ability to be used as a cover up, I will specify.  However, the delicate nature of my work isn't generally suited for cover ups, and would have a different aesthetic than you may be looking for.  Similarly, if you have a tattoo you are unhappy with, it generally cannot be reverse-engineered to look like more delicate.  Want to blast over your old tattoo with a lot of black?  Awesome, we're on the same page.

I wrote in for xx project, but I didn't hear from you.  Did I get it?

If you didn't hear from me within the first week, highly unlikely.  However people occasionally drop out of the projects and I will go down the list and offer it to the next person.  If you've written in before, don't hesitate to write in again - I don't keep emails, and don't keep a waiting list.

Ok, fine.  Can you recommend other artists that tattoo the way you do?

No - I work very hard to make sure my work is exceptional and inimitable, you will not get the same tattoo from a different person.  There are a plethora of other mega-talented people in Chicago and beyond, and I encourage you to do your own research - Instagram makes it all so easy these days.

I don't live in Chicago, how do I get tattooed by you? When are you coming to Europe/Idaho/Antarctica/etc. to guest spot?

The projects are open to everyone, and if you are travelling to get the tattoo, we can make sure to schedule accordingly.  I also guest spot around the US, and signing up for the mailing list will give you a heads up on upcoming travel dates.  When travelling I am more lenient with my scheduling, and usually take on a combo of custom work and my own flash.